IDENTIFIED TWO NEW  CLINICAL SYNDROMES : the Post Hexavalent Vaccination Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (phvsids) and the Post Vaccination ASIA Syndrome, (Autoimmunity Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants-PVAS)

An important  review concerning the adverse effects of the Hexavalent Vaccination  has been published by  prof. Giuseppe R.Brera ( 19 pages-104 references) President of the Italian Society of Adolescentology and Adolescence Medicine (SIAd) and Director of the Milan School of Medicine,  on the Italian Journal of Adolescentology and Adolescence Medicine and its extensive summary on Research  with an increasing international agreement.  the review  introduced, without a doubt the existence of  two new clinical syndromes: the Post Hexavalent Vaccination Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and the Post Vaccination ASIA Syndrome, (Autoimmunity Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants-PVAS) responsible of an enhancement of infant mortality rate and  hospital admission with a linear correlation. The review explains also the causality of immune depression after hexavalent vaccination, according to the immunology progress and cause also of other deaths. The review revealed that in Italy 52 new-borns died after 0-14 days from the hexavalent vaccination from 1999-2004, without taking in account deaths of immunized children for cardiac arrest. Deaths and severe effects following vaccination ,paradoxically described by the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA) in a report to the Turin attorney Vincenzo Pacileo and to the ex-Minister of health, Beatrice Lorenzin, were continuing up to 2016 with a sure underestimation.  Undoubtedly the Health Italian Ministry was aware of post vaccination deaths  and adverse effects  ( from 9 to 20,3 %)  almost entirely related to the vaccine “Infarix hexa”,  before the elaboration of the law that obliged parents to such “Russian Roulette”. The autoptic investigations of 13 PHVSIDS documented the inexistence of any risk for life concurrent with vaccination. All died children would be still alive without the hexavalent vaccination. The same Italian Ministry (Lorenzin under the Renzi government) has spread in 2017 a 2009  ridiculous and dangerous guide (in its premises) to vaccination contraindications, where the clinical evaluation of  new-borns, before vaccination, has not been recommended. The Review highlights , according the person centered change of the paradigm of medical science and  contributions of scientists, the dangerousness of the WHO AEFI algorithm  (Causality Assessment of Adverse Event Following Vaccination) inspired by an obsolete model of health and disease, built on linear causality and a mechanistic approach and not on a multidimensional one. The conclusion of the review is that parents cannot be obliged to expose their children to a Russian Roulette and suggests all over the world  an urgent change  of the vaccination calendar, structure and  method that must be personalized with a new model “The person centered vaccination” and trusted to paediatricians, where it isn’t already realized,  impeding the reduction of children to be “ battery chickens” submitted to  a Russian Roulette by true ignorants   The hexavalent vaccination ought to be out of law.  SIAd presented a denounce for slaughter and a legal notice against the Health Minister Lorenzin, Superior Health Council, AIFA directors , requesting their resignations, and asked for a parliamentary inquiry commission. The philosopy “Let few die for saving much more life” –wrote prof.Giuseppe R.Brera- is unacceptable for a physician when infectious disease can be prevented with breastfeeding and  stimulating natural immunity and cared reducing vaccines to essence.

“The hexavalent vaccination russian roulette. The hexavalent vaccination risk for children and adults’ life . The introduction of The Post Hexavalent Vaccination Sudden Death Syndrome  (PHVSIDS) and the Post Vaccination Asia Syndrome( PVAS)”