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Giuseppe R.Brera

Often scientists and clinicians have a sectorial scientific knowledge far from an epistemological approach to science which warrants a full comprehension of possibilities and limits of the scientific applications. Science, in opposition, is only ancillary of Science philosophy and philosophy too that allow to establish a road map of research. A humanistic knowledge is necessary for scientists because allows to assess meaning and final cause and method of a science. In Medicine this is more necessary because the person is the meaning of this science. Humanistic ignorance reduces Medicine to be only a bio-technology, necessary, but only a tool. Person Centered Medicine is born, before any application, as a paradigm change, published in 1999, ( [1] [2] whose principles are: “Interactionism” and “ Teleology of the human nature” originated by human sciences. It  realizes an ethical mission founded on the Hippocratic tradition and the change of medical science happened in the last 40 years. On this basis a new paradigm and definition of health is born: “ The best possibilities for the best being a human person”, presented at WHO in 2011, which calls governments to create possibilities for health and individuals to choose the best way for an healthy life-quality , starting from their freedom, conceived as a metaphysical category , the substance of the person.

Person Centered Medicine is an epistemological revolution of medical science and could be successfully spread only with an international consensus about it as I explained in the  introduction of the Conference :” Medical Science and Health Paradigm Change” (Milan, 13-14-15 October 2017),published on  – www.

The epistemological and ethical principles of Person Centered Medicine are resumed in the World Health Charter, addressed to create an international scientific and medical pressure lobby on governments and United Nations – WHO for a new health person centered health policy. The enclosed Charte Mondiale de la Santé-  World Health Charter – the first language is French, country of the human rights and diplomatic language-is   already published on Research Gate on my account, with an open signature. If you agree with its ethical and epistemological principles  I’m inviting you to sign it and call your health and University institutions for doing the same , and if possible to send a delegate to the Conference and/or sponsoring it warranting a free participation of many. Your presence and contribution will be important for building together a person centered  world health policy and science where freedom ,the person and a humanitarian mission are the key words.

Signing the CMS-WHC means to become members of the International Committee of the World Health Charter and enter into the National Committee. Your individual and/or institutional adhesion to the Chart must be communicated to the following account: and to the blog

Signing the World Health Charter means sharing the truth of the epistemological revolution of medical science and re-founding Medicine on its eternal values

Don’t be afraid, come with us !


Looking forward-I hope- to meet you at the Milan Conference, where a session will be dedicated to the “ Charte Mondiale de la Santé-the World Health Charter” for sharing an historical revolution.



If you want to present a contribution, the deadline is on September 3 Info on There are particular registration fees for the ICPCM and the PCMIN and the WHCIC and members of scientific societies : please contact the secretariat


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[1] Brera G.R.  The manifesto of Person Centered Medicine. Medicine, Mind Adolescence ,1999; Vol. XIV, n. 1-2:3-7  available on Internet :

[2] Brera G.R.  . Person Centered Medicine and Medical Education in third Millennium (with the introduction of Iosef Seifert  The  seven aims of Medicine it.) Roma- Pisa: IEPI ;2001 (Italian)


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